About Jeff TenBroeck

Jeff TenBroeck, Owner, J10 Marketing



Jeff TenBroeck brings a wealth of media expertise to his clientele, drawing from a dynamic background in broadcast radio and digital marketing. Graduating from Michigan State University, he proceeded to augment his skills with a Master’s in Communication from Wayne State University. Jeff’s professional journey led him to Ford Motor Company, where he distinguished himself as a social media specialist, seamlessly bridging the gap between customers and local dealerships while devising innovative strategies that bolstered online engagement.


With a versatile portfolio, Jeff has collaborated with diverse clients, crafting compelling social media content, developing websites, and orchestrating successful paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Beyond the digital realm, Jeff boasts extensive experience in event promotion, honed through years of tenure at various radio stations across Metro Detroit.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Jeff finds fulfillment in experiencing new cultures through travel, immersing himself in live events, and enjoying quality time with loved ones.