Social Media: A Realtor’s Best Friend

Social Media: A Realtor’s Best Friend

Every business owner would agree that social media plays a key role in their company’s advertising. After all, it provides exposure to a relatively high volume of prospective customers. For realtors in the current industry, social media doesn’t just play a key role; it makes or breaks agents– especially new ones. Here are a few reasons as to why:

It’s Free
The first and most obvious reason. Agents have to spend their marketing dollars very wisely. Often, these marketing dollars see a minimal return on investment; however, they do need to be spent on things such as mailers, magazine/newspaper ads, yard signs, gifts, milk cartons etc. Social media is free unless you want to “boost your post” on Facebook (or other platforms). By doing so, you can reach roughly 5,000 people for $20 over the course of a week. I’d say that’s pretty worthy.

It’s Easy to be Consistent
Consistency is crucial. Posting content to your social media pages on a daily basis can take you as little as one minute. Even if it isn’t real estate related (it shouldn’t always be), you’ll get to the point where you’ve been posting enough content to where friends and followers will see you in their newsfeed and automatically think “realtor” when they scroll past your name. The fact that most people are on social media throughout their day also gives you a prime opportunity to stay in front of them. You know they aren’t going anywhere.

It’s an Easy Way to Engage with Others
Liking, commenting, sharing and messaging are all easy to do. It makes it simple, seamless and harmless for people to ask a single question. From a realtor’s standpoint, social media also makes it easy to interact with people you might not normally have interacted with in the past. This essentially allows you to establish a foundation for rapport building. If I’m always liking and commenting on Jimmy’s posts, political rants and supporting his business page, there’s a solid chance he’ll be up for grabbing a beer and catching up on things.

It’s Personal, Just Like Real Estate
Using Facebook to market your business is surely effective, but let’s note that most people want to work with an agent that they know and/or feel comfortable with. Social media allows agents to express themselves and potentially reach others on a personal level. When people can see that you have the same view as they do, post entertaining content and post agreeable statuses/viewpoints on specific topics, they’ll naturally take more of a liking to you. Remember, we live in 2017 and social media has a big influence on reputation, so of course this can go either way. If you’re ranting about a touchy subject, you could lose a lot of interest. With that being said, make sure you’re careful and post positively.

Perception is Everything
How people perceive you and your business is very important. The good news is that it’s easy to portray success on social media. Selling homes, whether they are large or small, is not an easy undertaking. Because of this, many people who aren’t in the industry can appreciate the work that goes into this task. Posting your listings and pictures of nice homes you’re showing not only interest people but give them the idea that you’re dealing with big business and doing well. This gives the impression that you must work hard and know what you’re doing (and hopefully you do).

There is nothing more beneficial than spreading yourself and your company’s brand over social media– especially if it’s done properly. If you aren’t using this to your advantage, you’re losing business as you read this. Even if you despise social media and everything that comes with it, it’s going to play a crucial factor in taking your business to the next level in this industry.


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