Why Every Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Should Be On Instagram

Why Every Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Should Be On Instagram

Plain and simple, as a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting your practice. Hear me out for a moment. Your profession is arguably the most visual and aesthetically pleasing medical specialty. An individual that is interested in a cosmetic procedure considers their future surgeon off the quality of their work, the price, and the recommendations that come with their results. As you know, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With that being said, let me provide you with some statistics on why you should be on Instagram and what you should be posting for better results.

Key Statistics

From my experience, nothing proves a point quiet like some cold hard numbers. Let’s dive a little deeper and look at some key statistics when it comes to social media usage and plastic surgery.

Instagram Statistics

  • 32% of online adults are on Instagram
  • 38% of online adults on Instagram are women
  • 83% of online adults on Instagram are between 18-49


Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

  • In 2015, 92% of all cosmetic procedures were completed on women
  • 10,916,000 cosmetic procedures were completed on individuals between 20-54
    • Individuals between 40-54 made up for 49% of cosmetic procedures
  • 63% earn $50k or more a year


What To Post On Instagram

There are many different things you can post on Instagram to attract new patients. Review the five points below and implement them into your strategy for best results.

Before & After Pictures

Posting before and after pictures are important because they exhibit the quality of your work. Prospective patients will take notice when they see a picture of someone with acne scars and then another image of the same person with perfectly clear skin. Many people are nervous about the results of their procedure. This will help put them at ease.

Promote Your Products

Showcase the great products you have! Revision Skincare, Galderma, and many other companies provide individuals with great products that assist them with many different skincare needs. All of these products are minimally invasive and can provide great results for your patients! Promote them!


We both know you are a great surgeon, but do your Instagram followers? Provide them with testimonials in order to increase the likelihood of them selecting you as their new doctor. Take a picture of that thank you card you just received or post an image of that beautiful gift basket that was just delivered. Another option is to inform your followers about your medical training.

Showcase Your Services

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons offer many different services. Take charge and show your followers what you excel at. Whether you are a liposuction all-star, or an injectable genius, let you skills show through to your prospective patients on Instagram.


Injectables are some of the most wildly popular procedures. Not only are they relatively affordable, but there is a low degree of risk associated with them. Even your most novice cosmetic candidate is likely to seek out one of these life changing procedures. Highlight this aspect of your practice and make sure to capitalize on the large group of patients that are seeking the likes of Botox, Kybella, and various other injectables.

Put all of this information to good use and get that account set up. You can thank me later!

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