Why is it so Important to Engage on Social Media?

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Why is it so Important to Engage on Social Media?

Why is it so important to engage on social media? This is a question I’m frequently asked while discussing the merits of various social media channels. On the surface, it may just seem like another tedious task that your company needs to engage in, but what you don’t know is it is arguably one of the most important aspects of any social media strategy.

It Builds Personal Connections
Have you ever followed someone on Twitter and got the standard, “Thanks for following us! Please make sure to like all of our content.” tweet? It didn’t feel so good, did it? You probably felt like you were just getting swept under the rug. Let’s try this again. A week later you start following your favorite online apparel store and get this message. “Thanks for following us, Jessica! We truly appreciate all of our customers, so we are going to give you 30% off on your first online purchase!” Which one resonated more with you? I’m going to guess it was the more personal interaction. No one likes automation. In an increasingly less interpersonal world, we crave interaction. That is why social media is so important!

It Shows Your Brand’s Personality
Each brand has its own distinct way of separating its self from the crowd. Wendy’s specializes in a sassy/trolling approach, while brands, such as Ford Motor Company, go for a more controlled and conservative style. Whatever your groove may be, OWN IT! Listen to your constituents and provide them with the messaging they hold true to their heart.

It Provides You With Valuable Feedback
We’ve all heard the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” When it comes to feedback on social, it’s the truth! Why squander an opportunity to help your brand grow? Take the reigns and learn from your valued customers what they like and don’t like about your product or brand. Who knows? You may just find that “it” factor that will turn your game around.

Take Control of Existing Conversations
Taking control of the conversation comes down to three things: timing, presence and leading the conversation with quality content. If you are late to the conversation—kiss your success goodbye. It’s gone. You have nothing left to contribute… unless you have some inside action. Take that information and guide it in the correct direction. Start forming opinions. Take that valuable information and share it with the world with your own flavor. You’ll thank me later.

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