Why Should I Verify My Local Business Facebook Page?

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Why Should I Verify My Local Business Facebook Page?

“What is the advantage of verifying my Facebook page?”

Recently, I’ve been hearing this question a lot. This feature has been around for quite some time but many users are unsure of what Facebook verification really means. At the end of the day, the check mark is Facebook’s way of saying that your page is legitimate. This blog post will explain the verification function and reasons for obtaining the coveted blue or gray badges on Facebook.

First, I’ll explain the two different types.

Blue Badge

If you’re seeing a blue badge next to the name of your favorite public figure or brand, it means that Facebook has confirmed this particular page or profile to be authentic. It should be noted that you cannot ask Facebook for a blue badge—they will give you one at their own discretion.

Gray Badge

If you’re seeing a gray badge, it means that Facebook has confirmed the authenticity of the page for the business or organization that you are visiting. Unlike the blue badge, this one is much easier to get. You can essentially “apply” for a gray badge. If you’re interested in learning more about this process,

How Do I Verify My Local Business Page on Facebook?


Benefits of Verifying Your Local Business Facebook Page
  • Adds credibility to your brand. Your visitors will know that you are the real deal.
  • The page will rank higher in search results.
  • Eliminates confusion that may be created by copycat or fan pages.


By putting a little love into your Facebook page, you can achieve these extra benefits. What are you waiting for?

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